August 10th 1680

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The Pueblo are located in the southwest part of North America, in the state of New Mexico.

Who was Involed?
the Pueblo, Spanish, Apache, Navajo, and Commanche all were involved in the Pueblo Revolt

Points of View of CAUSES?


Spanish Friars attempt to convert the Pueblo Indians. They attempt to suppress all aspects of the traditional religion, destroying kivas and trying to stop the dances. The Spanish accused the Pueblo of sorcery. Pope, who led the revolt, was a Shaman.


The Spanish government seized land and gave it to settlers. The Spanish wanted to expand their land, they did this in the land of the Pueblos.
One cause was when the Spanish suppressed the Pueblos native dances. The Spanish said that the dances were blocking the Pueblo from inheriting their religion


Nomadic tribes are enslaved by Spanish and by Pueblo Indians. These enslaved people were needed to work the land.


Encomienda, Repartimiento.

The Spanish wanted to find gold, spread religion, and make money. However, the pueblos felt threatened that the Spanish were demanding tribute and taking away their culture. However, problems also occured the Spanish selves. The Friar was blamed by the Pueblos for enslaving the Native Americans, but however, it wasn't the Friars fault, it was the Spanish government that enslaved the Pueblos. Because of this problem, the Friars called the governor unholy and threw his seat out of the church. On the other hand, the pueblo tribe had problems as well. The pueblos were enslaving other Native Americans such as the Navajos, so the Navajos blamed the Pueblos. It wasn't the pueblos fault since the Spanish government was forcing the pueblos to enslave Native Americans.
The Spanish wanted to find gold, spread religion, expand land, and make money. The Spanish demaned taxes and other things from the Pueblo. The Pueblo were also afraid that the Spanish were taking their culture.

The Pueblo people and other natives drove the Spanish out of the Pueblo land for 12 years

It was one of the first successful revolts by a Native American tribe against Europeans. It lasted for 12 years. From the Spanish point of view, how had this happened? The Pueblo groups had achieved a unified stand.

It was one of the first successful revolts by a Native American tribe on Europeans

was this successful in the case of the Pueblo Revolt, when unification of the Native Americans had not resulted in a victory for the Natives during the King Philip's War?

In the Pueblo revolt, all the Native Americans came together as a team and put away their differences and drove away the Spanish.. On the other hand, In the Kind Phillips War, the English teamed up together and defeated the Natives.

Questions Raised for us today
Cindy- Was a compromise possible between the Pueblos and the Spanish and was there any way the revolt could have been avoided?